Sunday, 26 October 2014

Another lovely morning service at Castle Combe although we are beginning to wonder how many more there will be. Especially encouraging to see David and Hermina there after their brisk walk up the hill from the village!

As Joe opened up for us and preached this morning I wondered if there would be any particular message as to what the future holds for our little church. He preached on Psalm 23 and I was very struck with his thoughts on v 2. God leads me. Yes He is the Shepherd and He is the Leader. Today's thought for me was that we must keep listening to His Voice. He is the One Who is going to lead our church to closure or open the way so that we can continue. Joe's whole message was excellent and I can't possibly summarise it but I also liked his thoughts on v 5. In the midst of difficulties God allows us to sit down! We don't need to worry about what is going to happen because He has it all in control. We just have to do our part and be there next Sunday if the Lord tarries.

Our prayers this week are with Gemma, and also with Helen who is in hospital as I write.

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