Tuesday, 2 December 2014

"When Moses arrived in Midian he sat down beside a well." So this morning John began his message at a well! He spoke of how, in the OT, women often met their husbands at a well and how the well speaks of spiritual refreshment. At least those were his opening remarks and that is how I want to describe this morning.

After some discouraging times this morning was most definitely a time of refreshment. The first refreshment was seeing young Ella as we drew up in the car park! We've been missing our children at church and Ella was a breath of fresh air!

Another refreshment was when Luke and Laurie walked in with baby Millie. We weren't expecting them at all as we thought they were without a car. So lovely to see their smiling faces and have them with us.

Ella sat by me and wrote on several pieces of card how happy she was to be in church. Who can ask for better refreshment than that?! At the end of John's message I took her with baby Millie into the back room and we found the story of Jonah in the toy chest and all read it together!

Christine has written a lovely invite for our carol service which has been printed in the Combe Courier. She brought in a copy to show me. It's beautifully done Christine! A stroke of genius!

We particularly think of Marjorie today as it is the anniversary of the Homecall of her husband. She reminded me of the words of the hymn "When we all get to heaven....what a day of rejoicing that will be....when we all see Jesus..." Amen to that.

(written Sunday)

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